Cairde na hÉireann (Friends of Ireland) is the main republican organisation in Scotland. Please read the About Cairde section for some background information on the organisation and its activities. You can also keep up to date, with various forthcoming events that will be organised by Cairde by visiting out events page. Or if you prefer you can use facebook or twitter to get more frequent updates and news.

Collusion march

14 August 2014

Hunger Strike Commemoration

7 June 2014

A message to our comrades

21 May 2014

Best wishes to all Sinn Fein candidates in the upcoming local & European elections. Good luck from your comrades in Scotland. Sinn Fein Abu!

Hunger Strike Play

7 May 2014

1981 Hunger Strike play this Friday.
Doors open 7.30 for a 8pm start.
Tickets £10

Events in May, organised by the Blood upon the Rose R.F.B.

16 April 2014

Upcoming marches

30 March 2014

Fallen Comrades M\arch - 26th of April
Blood Upon the Rose March - 24th of May
Annual Hunger Strike Commemoration - 14th of June

Details to be confirmed


Anti-racism march

18 March 2014

Come along this weekend and show your support.

Cairde v Cancer

18 June 2013

Cairde v Cancer is a part of Cairde na hÉireann’s charity work. For the past 2 years we have undertaken fundraising ventures to give to Cancer charity organisations. Last year we donated £2800 to Pink Ladies breast cancer in Derry, in the name of Vol. Paul Kinsella who died from leukemia.

This was raised by members taking part in a Sponsored run and sponsored walk. So far this year we have donated £1066 to Marie Curie and £1066 to Northern Irelands Children’s hospice. This was done in the name of Vol. Brian Keenan who died from cancer. This was achieved through a sponsored hill walk, sponsored run and a function in Plains. A further £800 goes to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Glasgow. One of our own has a family member receiving support from Maggie’s. The family held a function in the Squirrel Bar with Cairde bands doing their bit to help.

In 2 years this is a total of £5732 raised for cancer charities. To get involved or donate to future ventures drop us a line at info@cairdenaheireann.info

- Cairde V Cancer Team

Statement regarding McKenzie/Muirhead bomb plot trial

30th March 2012

Cairde na hÉireann would like to take this opportunity following the guilty verdicts, on reduced charges, at the trial of Trevor Muirhead and Neil McKenzie to express our disappointment at the way the case has been handled by the Procurator Fiscal and the police.

We, as victims, expected to be treated as equal to the other victims of this bomb plot. Cairde have been clear from day one that this loyalist conspiracy was driven by anti Irish racism. We made this clear to the Procurator Fiscal and the police from the outset and are angry that the hate crime element of this case has been ignored throughout. The evidence led against one of the accused clearly showed his links to pro British death squads.

We believe this has been done for political purposes. It may suit the state to portray this case as about football or two extremists when in fact this bomb plot shines a light on Scotland's shame - Anti Irish Racism.

Strathclyde police’s handling of the case should also come into question; Firstly, despite Cairde's high profile they failed to provide warning to Cairde na hÉireann when they had warned other Irish community groups. Why not? And who made this decision?

Secondly, whilst taking statements from Cairde na hÉireann members officers were abrupt and aggressive to the point that the members felt it was more of an interrogation and left feeling more like the perpetrators than victims. They were denied the basic right to have a witness present. Again we ask who made this decision?

Thirdly, the Crown Prosecution Service, the media and Strathclyde police tried to centre this crime around football. Anti Irish Racism and sectarianism is rife in Scottish society and is not limited to ninety minutes. Racism and other forms of hate crimes are problems for all of Scottish society not just football.

Cairde have long argued that the police in Scotland are not fit for purpose. What training they have in this area is inadequate. What is needed is transparency and accountability in policing. Following the decision to grant anonymity to police officers during this trial that demand must be repeated.

Sadly Cairde and the broader Irish community will not be surprised by either the mishandling of this case or the less than satisfactory outcome. We have, over the past eight years, consistently worked with councils, police and parliament on achieving better conditions for the Irish Diaspora, especially around the issues of racism and sectarianism. Threats, real or otherwise, will not stop us from striving to accomplish our aims.

Press release Re: Vol. Sean Phelan commemoration

19th February 2012

Following on from our Press Release of the 18th February 2012, in the wake of yesterday's Annual Vol. Sean Phelan Commemoration. We in Cairde Na hEireann Liverpool would like to make the following points:

* Yesterday's Commemoration was the target of a combined group consisting of the English Defence League, British National Party, British People's Party, Infidels of Britain, Football Hooligans, Independent Orange Order, individual members of Loyalist Flute Bands associated with the Orange Order in Liverpool, United Kingdom Independence Party, and a variety of ex-service British Servicemen Associations including ex-Kings Regiment.

* In the run up to the event the above groups and individuals led a concerted campaign aimed at Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police to ban this legal annual event on the misleading grounds that this was an 'IRA MARCH'.

* On the day of the Commemoration itself a group of Loyalists (30-40) placed themselves at the assembly point waving Union Flags and at one point, blocked the road that the Commemoration was due to march down. Merseyside Police re-routed the Commemoration around this but half way through the proposed route into Liverpool City Centre, this group of Loyalists followed alongside the commemoration and for a sustained period launched a tirade of racist and sectarian insults at bands and marchers while Merseyside Police failed to intervene, make arrests or ensure that this group were properly dealt with by use of race hate laws. Instead, Loyalist were allowed to sneer and jeer during the route into Liverpool City Centre while being protected by a line of Police Officers.

* In Liverpool City Centre at the end point of the Commemoration, several hundred individuals/members of the above groups had occupied Derby Square, determined that the Commemoration would not be allowed to peacefully and legally finish. On the edge of Liverpool City Centre, the Commemoration was halted by Merseyside Police. After discussions with Merseyside Police that they feared that they would not be able to safely police the situation and threatening to proscribe the commemoration if we as organisers continued to proceed, and also hearing reports that windows of 2 coaches of traveling bands had been smashed, we decided to re-route the commemoration back through the Vauxhall area of Liverpool and end with an outdoor rally.

* It is Cairde Na hEireann's view that all communities in Liverpool should be able to live in peace and harmony and that the right's of the Irish Community in Liverpool to peacefully organise and assemble are protected by the Civil Authority's and Police. Not to do so, increases the confidence of racists and bigots from within racist and far-right political parties/organisations, and increases the risks to other communities in Liverpool in the future and the wider community as a whole if race hate and intolerance is allowed to flourish and go unchecked.

* Yesterday's events underline our view that the various protests were racist and sectarian in nature and that the cover used by racists to stop an 'IRA MARCH' was used as a means to increase tension and target the Irish Community specifically.

* Cairde Na hEireann urges those members of the public who attended the Commemoration who were victims of racist and sectarian abuse to report the matter to Merseyside Police and ensure that the matter is dealt with as 'hate crime' when making statements.

* Cairde Na hEireann in the following days will be holding wide ranging discussions with Merseyside Police, Liverpool City Council, Trade Unions and anti racist/fascist organisations to ensure that Irish Community rights to peacefully assemble and be culturally and politically active are respected and protected. We will also ensure that the Irish Community in the future is to the fore in any anti-racist/fascist activity.